What are some of the top benefits of residential solar?

Did you know? 

The amount of sunlight the world receives in 1.5 hours would meet the earth’s energy needs for an entire year.

That’s a pretty powerful statistic!

Sunlight is the greatest potential energy on earth. Are you considering a switch to solar power in your home? You’re certainly not alone!

Homeowners across the Brisbane area are increasingly making the change and reaping the rewards of residential solar energy.

Our local electricians have seen firsthand how solar power can provide an array of benefits from cost savings to environmental protection, and they’re here to help explain why it may be worth investing in for your home.

From reduced power bills to super low maintenance, solar power delivers both immediate and long-term advantages. 

This week, our solar installers in Redlands, Brisbane are sharing their experience with residential solar, including five incredible benefits YOU can start enjoying!


Are solar panels a good investment?

With electricity rates across the country rising, 2022 has no doubt been one of the biggest years for new solar installations – and we predict 2023 to be no different.

The savings from solar only grow year on year, so the sooner you start your solar journey, the sooner you can start saving. There’s no time like the present to discover all the benefits of solar!


What are the top 5 benefits of solar for your home?

1. Solar energy can drastically reduce your power bills

Solar energy is an infinitely renewable resource, and one of the most important benefits associated with its use is decreased reliance on the power grid.

Solar energy helps you to save considerable money on your monthly electricity bills by allowing you to generate renewable power for your home.

Working in tandem with net metering programs offered by local and state governments (where applicable), solar panels in Brisbane can help offset or even eliminate electricity costs.

Additionally, installing a solar panel system can also increase the resale value of your property (more on this one below!)

With an abundance of shared resources available for reducing carbon footprints, choosing solar power is both intelligent and lucrative. Over time, your cumulative savings will add up and make this a truly worthwhile investment.


2. Solar panels are incredibly low maintenance

Harnessing solar energy is an ingenious way to reduce electricity bills and promote sustain

ability, all while requiring no hard labour.

Solar panels are incredibly low maintenance – there’s no need to constantly check them or perform specific care routines.

Instead, they stay relatively clean from wind and rain and require only an occasional inspection.

The few active requirements that they do need, such as orientation readjustment, are easily taken care of with the help of a professional. They can make sure that the panels are picking up the most amount of solar energy possible.

In terms of upkeep and preparation, when compared to other forms of energy, solar power requires virtually nothing!


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3. Solar panels can significantly increase the value of your home

Adding a solar panel system to your home is an investment that pays dividends in multiple ways. Of course, one of the major benefits is that they decrease monthly energy costs and help to stabilise energy bills no matter the time of year.

Additionally, installing a solar panel system adds value to a home.

According to a recent report from Domain, the premium for an energy-efficient home compared to a non-efficient home in Australia in 2022 was $125,000 – that’s a 17% increase in the sale price of a property.

Additionally, the price difference was the greatest in Queensland – at 28.9%!

This, combined with increased marketability as a “green” home, is certain to attract potential buyers who appreciate efficiency and sustainability in their housing choices.


4. Solar energy is great for the environment

Solar energy reduces environmental strain by providing a clean and renewable source of electricity. This not only helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also to eliminate the potential negative health consequences associated with relying on other sources of power.

Importantly, the installation and use of solar panels do not waste water or create air pollution like many other methods. Additionally, it helps to conserve natural resources that might otherwise be used if a different form of energy was relied upon, such as coal or gas.

Overall, solar energy is better for the environment than other traditional options – making it an easy choice for those looking to make smart, conscious decisions that help protect our planet.


5. You may be able to take advantage of attractive Government rebates

Homeowners may be familiar with the financial benefits of installing solar panels for their residences. However, what many may be unaware of is the potential to maximise cost savings even further through different Government rebates that they may be eligible for.

These incentives have been established to encourage Brisbane residents and businesses alike to implement solar panels on their properties.

Government solar rebates offer a reliable and practical way for smart homeowners and business owners to significantly invest in the future of our planet and see returns on their investment at the same time.

Speak to our solar installers in Redlands to learn more about current incentives you may be able to take advantage of.


Do electricians work on solar?

Yes, indeed, many electricians have the capabilities to work on solar systems, too – but remember, not all of them do.

Moran Power Solutions is made up of a qualified team of electrical experts who are also skilled and experienced in delivering high-quality, sustainable solar systems for homes across Brisbane.

If you have any questions about solar in Brisbane or the Redlands, please contact us today – we’d be happy to assist!

Our solar company can visit you on-site to perform an audit on your property and help you learn more about the great advantages of solar.

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