Safety Switches & Switchboard upgrades

Your switchboard is at the centre of your home electrical needs. Its purpose is to distribute power safely throughout your entire home including lights, power points, and your air conditioning. It is crucial to maintain your switchboard to reduce any potential risks to your home or family.
A switchboard upgrade can not only improve power performance but keep your family safe. Moran Power Solutions have the knowledge and experience to replace or upgrade your existing switchboard.

We make sure that all work is safety compliant that meet and exceed Australian standards. Older homes, in particular, were often built with lower quality materials and standards. These homes have the possibility of causing house fires and electrocution.

MPS-safety-switch upgrade
MPS-safety-switch upgrade

All your switchboards needs in one place

If you want to replace to upgrade your existing switchboard system, we can help. We have helped many Brisbane residents and business owners make their homes and their businesses compliant with the latest methods and technology.


Safety Switches

Safety switches are designed to protect humans and devices when it detects a power leak. Some older houses do not have these installed, adding more safety risks.

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Switchboard Upgrades

The switchboard is the centre of all your power usage and keeping you safe. It routes power through circuits and switches, so you get power when you flick a switch in your home or business.

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Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are a great way to save you money as problems are found. Recently, some insurance companies require you to undertake routine inspections as part of your coverage.

Our Switchboard services

Our services include but are not limited to: 

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Switchboard Upgrades

Generally, a switchboard upgrade can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to fully install. The install time varies for each system and home. During this time we can add additional safety switches and smart metres if requested.

The process involved removing the existing switchboard and replacing old wiring, fuses or other items that do not meet Australian standards. We also take the time to check your main earth neutral system and complete numerous electrical tests after installing your new system.

Why safety switches are important

A safety switch is a switchboard device that switches off the electricity supply if a power leak is detected through your circuits. This device is used as an electrical safety device to prevent electrical shocks and fires.

There is a misconception that safety switches and circuit breakers are the same, but this is not true as they are different. Where a safety switch is made to protect people, a circuit breaker is used to protect the circuitry and wiring.

By law, safety switches are to be installed as part of your switchboard system. Older homes may not even have a safety switch fitted, meaning that there could be a risk of someone being electrocuted. If you are unsure whether you have a safety switch, be sure to get in contact to discuss your situation.

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Amy Forsyth
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